When Life Gives You....Pineapples?

April 18, 2018



Yes, that's right!  Pineapples. 


Why Pineapples, you ask?   I did too.   But they are what inspired me to finally start this Blog!


Three weeks ago, I was on my way home in rush hour traffic and heard on the radio that there was a Pineapple spill on one of the major highways. Certainly not something you hear everyday, and definitely not in New Jersey!  As I continued my slow commute home, my mind started wandering.  I began thinking about being on the beach in the Dominican Republic, reading a Phillipa Gregory novel and drinking a Pina Colada.  I thought about the many breakfasts I had on various beaches, where I ate delicious Pineapple while watching the waves crash.  I could actually feel the sand between my toes and see swaying palm trees and crystal blue water. 


Sounds amazing, right?  Yes, so amazing that I almost missed my exit!


Of course, nothing could have been further from reality.  I was on a busy highway, it was 35 degrees outside, with fresh snow on the ground and no sign of Spring in sight.  I thought about how much I missed my traveling days.  I would have given anything to be back on the beach in Bintan, Indonesia, running around with monkeys.  Yes, monkeys-on the beach! 


I got home and fixed myself a tall glass of water with Lemon and Frankincense essential oils to relax and focus my thoughts.  For the rest of the night I was thinking about how I needed a change.  A major change in my life.  A new start.  I know there is a better way to live than the "daily grind".  I've lived it!  Only for a short period of time, but I did. 


I want to have that feeling of freedom again!  Freedom.  Something we all strive for.  Freedom to be able to wake up in the morning and not have to go to an office job. Where you sit at your desk and see those gorgeous beach and mountain scenes on your Desktop and just wish you could be there.  Freedom to enlighten your mind and go explore new cultures.  Freedom to take a bath in the middle of the day just because you feel like it.  Freedom to do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it.    Wouldn't that be nice?


That's when I realized that I had to get really serious about my new business venture and make these dreams a reality! 


So, for the next few days, I was seeing Pineapples everywhere!  Pineapple themed purses on Etsy, Pineapple dishware and napkins at the supermarket, Pineapples in someone's walk-in fridge on an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, a random photo of a Baby Pineapple in my Camera Roll from 2015.  I knew it was a sign.  A sign for new beginningsA sign that Spring will finally arrive!  A sign that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.  Like writing your first blog!  :)  A sign that those beaches are waiting for me and I know I will visit them again someday. 


The Winter has been long and brutal, but once Spring is here, it will be time to blossom and start anew. 


The Pineapples taught me another lesson.  Even if something in your life is tough, prickly and hard to break through, don't give up, because the reward is something sweet and delicious!  


Happy Spring, everyone!  Think about some "new beginnings" that you have in mind for this Spring!  Feel free to comment below!  :)





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