Celebrate the Season with our handcrafted, Wholistic Tonic Mist "Minis"! Get all Four of our Tonic Mists and show your Skin & Hair some love! ❤ 💦 Our Anti-Aging Facial Tonic, Hippie Calm Tonic Mist, Cool & Clean Body Tonic and Citrus & Herb Hair Tonic Mist are formulated with 6.0pH ionized Beauty Water, therapeutic-grade Essential Oils, Flower Waters, healing Crystals & Gemstones and an all natural preservative of Grapefruit Seed Extract. Our products are toxin-free, cruelty-free, organic and nourishing to your Skin & Hair. Lovingly made in small batches, our Tonic Mists are formulated with clean, organic ingredients for healing and rejuvenation.  Perfect for any time of year Body & Mind health!  👇 Learn more about our 6.0pH Beauty Water, Product Usage and Ingredients, and see recent product reviews in the sections below! Please message us with any questions at Laura@mynaturalrealm.com.

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  • 💦 What is 6.0pH Beauty Water? 6.0pH Beauty Water is created using innovative Water Technology, which produces ionized alkaline and acidic waters through Electrolysis. 6.0pH Beauty Water is produced from an ionizing water system and is never stored in plastic bottles!Internally our bodies are the healthiest when they are "neutral" or 7.0pH, but our skin is a bit different! Our skin has a protective Acid Mantle, which is more "acidic" and should be between a 4.2 and 5.5pH for optimal skin health. All of the airborne contaminants, pollutants and free radicals that we encounter everyday are "alkaline" and attack the skin's Acid Mantle, making it more difficult for our skin to protect itself. Even most beauty products are at higher pH levels, such as 8.0, which increases our skin pH.  6.0pH Beauty Water is more acidic and helps to restore, strengthen and protect the skin's Acid Mantle. 6.0pH Beauty Water is also astringent and oxidative, making it beneficial for the overall health and beauty of your skin and hair. When used daily, 6.0pH Beauty Water tightens, softens and hydrates your skin, also providing an environment for healing if you have a particular skin condition. Spray on your skin to hydrate, reduce lines and wrinkles, even & brighten your skin tone and produce overall healthier looking skin.


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