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Our Mission is to provide our customers with the most natural and nourishing Body, Hair and Room Tonic Mists, formulated with our 6.0pH ionized, Beauty Water, created using innovative Water technology.  

We are passionate about merging Nature with Technology.  Our 6.0pH Beauty Water-based Products are infused with organic, therapeutic-grade Essential Oils, Flower Waters and Quartz Crystals & Gemstones! Each product is handcrafted with Love and made to order!

Please feel free to browse our Body Products and learn more about 6.0pH Beauty Water and our all-natural, therapeutic ingredients.


Love Animals?  So do we!  10% of ALL profits go to the ASPCA 

 "We are their Voice"


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Beauty Water Body Care Products
Lemongrass and Peppermint Body Soap
Anti-Aging Detox Facial Spray (Made
Seeing Sarah!
Sunset in Jamaica
Winter Scene at Burnham Park
Mermaid Lavender & Sage Soap
Greystone Woods Park
Baby Pineapple
Sunset in Jamaica
Fun Coloring
Healthy Salmon Dinner
Lake View
Artsy Sunset
Young Living All Natural Household Cleaner
Burnham Park Lake winter Scene
Infinity Pool in Indonesia
Chicken and Veggie Salad with Mango
Sunset in Hawaii
Using Essential Oils in gel capsules
Essential Oils and Cooking
Chicken and Veggies
Tiny House on our property
Deer in my Yard
Greystone Woods Park
Delicious Smoothie from Daily Harves
Sunset in Sussex
My baby, Milo :)
Cooking with Asian Inspired ingredie
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Where I lived in Singapore
Delicious Tofu meal
Pool in Indonesia
Lake View
Monkeys on the Beach in Indonesia
Winter at Burnham Park 2014
Joanna, the Iguana in Indonesia
Baby Hunter
Sunset in Hawaii
Beach in Jamaica
Hunter as a baby
Collage of my Pets and Flowers
Pasta with Spinach and Cream sauce
Greystone Woods Park
Lake view
Lake in Morris Plains
Salmon Dinner
Lavender Essential Oil
Breakfast Frittata
Breakfast Bake!
Delicious Tofu Meal
Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet
My Hibiscus
Grilled Shrimp and Pasta Dinner

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Beach in Jamaica